Project Acronym: MITOS

Full title: Magnetic Induction Tomography with Optical Sensors
Project duration: 24 Months
Coordinator: Unitive Design and Analysis ltd


Phil Marsden, Managing Director, Unitive Design and Analysis ltd,

Ferruccio Renzoni, University College London,

Project website address: n/a

Executive summary

Imaging is an essential capability in many areas. A number of technologies is currently deployed or tested in security and industrial monitoring. However, many have limitations in performance or safety or cost constraints that make their use impractical. Therefore, a portable, remote, non-destructive, inherently safe and cost-effective imaging device, capable of penetrating concealing barriers, would have a relevant impact on civil security and manufacturing plant control and maintenance.

Unitive Design and Analysis (UK, lead), University College London (UK), National Institute of Optics (I), Marwan Technologies (I), and Valis Engineering (I) propose to use atomic magnetometers – quantum sensors capable of record performance – to realise electromagnetic induction imaging and overcome the limitations of current instrumentation. The project Magnetic Induction Tomography with Optical Sensors (MITOS) aims at providing novel capabilities for imaging and monitoring in outdoor environments, demonstrating a novel photonic sensing platform for multi-purpose use.

MITOS is developing two imaging systems, one using room temperature atoms and one using laser-cooled atoms, and is demonstrating their use in civil security and manufacturing monitoring. These include: (a) imaging through conductive barriers, with applications in security screening; (b) remote sensing of moving objects, with application in detecting low-flying aircrafts and UAVs; (c) assessment of corrosion levels in metallic structures, with application in monitoring pipelines and reinforced concrete structures. In this way, MITOS explores novel applications of novel imaging photonic platforms, and paves the path to their commercialisation for civil security and manufacturing.