Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I submit a full-proposal? Where can I find all the necessary forms for submitting a proposal?
A: For full-proposal submission use the unique link provided (by email) to the coordinators. Please log in to the website at by typing login and the relevant password. Next please open your unique link to full-proposal stage. If you have any technical queries about the system, please contact
Q: What is A/Pn? 
A: Applicant / Partner(s)
Q: Who can apply?
A: The competition will be open to participants from Austria, Flanders, Germany, Israel, Tuscany, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and the UK (the participating countries and regions). Partners from other Member States or Associated Countries may be involved in the project; however, they will not receive any funding from the PhotonicSensing agencies or the EU Contribution.
Q: Who is eligible?
A: The eligibility of participants depends on the respective national/regional funding programmes. SMEs, large enterprises, academic research groups, universities or other research organisations can participate according to their regional/national regulations. Prospective partners are requested to discuss eligibility with their national/regional funding organisation.
Q: What is the minimum size of the consortium?
A: To be eligible the consortium must consist of a minimum of two separate legal partners from at least two different participating countries (at least 2 independent entities from 2 different EU Member States or associated countries) participating in the PhotonicSensing Call (see Guide for Proposers for full list of funding organisations).
Q: How do I submit a pre-proposal? Where can I find all the necessary forms for submitting a proposal?
A: For proposal submission use the electronic submission system avaible at Users acting as coordinators of a proposal must register on the website prior to gaining access to the online submission system. All call documents for download can be found here.  If you have any technical queries about the system, please contact
Q: Why should I register?
A: Registration is required if you want to publish a profile of your organization in the ‘Find partner’ section or if you want to submit an application (pre-proposal). All other functionalities (including downloading the ‘Guide for Proposers’ and the ‘Pre-Proposal Form’) are available without registration.
Q: Can I submit a Full-Proposal without submitting a Pre-Proposal?
A:  No.
Q: After submission, will I receive confirmation of receipt?
A: The coordinator will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Q: How can I find potential partners?
A: Please use the Find Partner System.
Q: How to upload Project description in Electronic Submission System?
A:  Please choose pdf file from your drive:
pdf file upload

PDF file name in box – inform you that you can submit proposal. Please note that system will not allow you to submit proposal without pdf file.