Project Acronym: OPTIMO

Full title: Optical fibre device for simultaneous manometry, pH-metry and bilimetry in oesophagus

Project duration: 45 Months
Coordinator: IFAC-CNR

Contact: Francesco Baldini

Project website address:

Executive summary

Target of the project is design and test of a new diagnostic instrument for gastroenterology. The project sees the involvement of three Tuscany partners (IFAC-CNR, Cecchi and University of Florence) and three German partners (IPHT, Jeti and Oscomed). The consortium is highly complementary, with two partners expert in optical sensing (IFAC-CNR and IPHT), two designers and manufacturers of optoelectronic components and devices (Jeti and Cecchi), one expert for manufacturing processes in the field of injection moulding and extrusion with know-how for cleanroom assemblies and sterilisation of disposable medical devices (Oscomed) and a clinical partner (University of Florence). The first part of the project is being devoted to the design of the combined catheter for the simultaneous monitoring of oesophageal pressure, pH and bile capable to satisfy the necessary requirements established by the physicians: pressure will be measured in 11 different positions along the catheter, bile and pH sensors will be positioned in correspondence of a window located 50 mm from the tip of the catheter, and a second pH sensor will be located in correspondence of the distal end of the catheter. The first prototype of the catheter is under development. Tests on the biocompatibility of the pH and bile probe to fulfil the criteria established by the European Directive on Medical Device are also in progress. Notwithstanding a phase shift in the starting date of the project – 30/03/2018 for Tuscany and 01/01/2019 for Germany – the project activity is not excessively affected by this delayed time lag.