Project Acronym: CSMISC

Full title: Chemical Sensor based on a Miniaturised Infrared Spectrophotometer
Project duration: 30 months
Coordinator: Helia Photonics Ltd

Contact: Mark Bailey

Project website address: n/a

Executive summary

This project builds on use of Infrared (IR) spectroscopy as a powerful tool for sensing and identifying chemicals (solid, liquid, gas) in applications from industrial safety, medicine to food processing. Current systems are expensive (€1,000s), relatively large and power hungry, limiting commercial and consumer uptake.

In this project, unique infrared photonic technology is used to progress a novel solid state chemical sensor, based on a patented Miniaturised IR Spectrophotometer. This has potential to be genuinely disruptive in the €4.1billion global chemical detection market by bringing spectroscopy associated with high-end laser systems into low-cost, high volume gas and liquid detection markets.

The IR photonic technology in this project comprises broadband IR light sources/ detector combinations and unique IR linear variable filters combined with uncooled detector arrays to provide low power consumption spectral discrimination. IR light source/ detector combination is incorporated into a novel patented injection moulded IR reflective optic, ensuring broadband operation and significantly lower cost [€00`s cf €000`s] compared with current bulky, high power consumption transmissive diffractive optics based systems.

A key unmet need in IR photonic chemical sensing and primary aim of this project, is provision of low power consumption solid state optical sensors based on low cost high volume manufacturing technologies. The project combines IR photonic technologies aligned with market trends for portable, fit & forget, long-life, autonomous sensors.

The transnational consortium offers a supply chain to implement new processes and broadband IR light source/detectors through to complete IR photonic based chemical (gas & liquid) sensors.